Training Courses

Training Courses

CCI Jamaica provides well-qualified, experienced leaders to organized groups requesting assistance for training sessions. Select from the topics below or submit a request for a new one. Reduced rates are available to members of CCI Jamaica.

Introduction to Christian Camping/Philosophy of Christian Camping

What makes Christian Camping unique and effective? How did it all get started? Gain some perspective on the dynamics of camping ministry and how to maximize its unique characteristics in your program.

Planning An Effective Camp Program

Where do we start? Philosophy, program, staff, facilities, catering, are all part of planning and preparing an effective camp program. Includes a comprehensive planning outline.

Personal Preparation

The best-laid plans are only as good as the leadership and staff that implement them. Take time to examine what’s needed to be spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared for this demanding yet rewarding ministry.

Counselling In A Christian Camp

Substitute parent, mentor, disciplinarian, model, friend, advisor – a camp counsellor fills many roles, all of which require wisdom and discernment. Timely tips to help counsellors give campers what they need and when to seek additional help.

Introduction to Evangelism

Communicating the truths of the Gospel is a primary focus of Christian Camping. Explore ways to communicate God’s Word and clearly present the message of salvation.

Communication & Interpersonal Relationships

Camp is a community where communication and relationships are on display 24/7. What are your camp relationships communicating? Look at ways to communicate clearly and build positive interpersonal interactions.

Group Dynamics

Individuals in a group play different roles. Examine these roles and how they impact the dynamics of the group and its effectiveness in accomplishing tasks, goals, and achieving a sense of community.

Conflict Resolution

Sometimes in spite of practicing good communication, conflict erupts in camp. How it’s handled can serve as a positive model for campers and staff. Identify the triggers and discover ways to resolve conflict constructively for positive outcomes.

Time Management

Staying on schedule allows the camp program objectives to be met. This requires planning and flexibility when the plan needs adjusting. Discover ways to stay on schedule and tips for adapting and adjusting to the unplanned and unexpected.

First Aid

Are you prepared to assist a sick or injured camper if the nurse isn’t readily available? Be prepared with basic first aid skills designed to care for camper injury or illness.

Creative Theme & Program Integration

What makes your camp different from church, home, school? Look at themes, programs, and activities that integrate biblical truths into all of life. Start outlining a fresh approach to camp and help campers apply biblical truths to everyday life.

God’s Creation – A Natural Resource

Jesus used the out-of-doors to teach scriptural truths. Discover ways to use the natural environment to introduce campers to the Creator. Includes hands-on learning and ideas for integrating environmental stewardship activities into your program.

Respecting Each Other (sexuality, abuse, awareness, & reporting)

God has made us sexual beings and camp is a place where staff can help campers develop healthy attitudes, boundaries, and relationships. Tools for supervisors and guidelines for staff to recognize and respond to at-risk campers and situations.

Camp Administration (database, promotion, daily administration, etc.)

Camp requires more than meets the eye. Review key administrative areas and gain helpful resources to streamline your task and strengthen your program.

The Care & Feeding of Volunteers

Recruiting, screening, training, supervising, evaluating, and recognizing volunteers is essential to a successful camp. Examine key concepts of volunteer management. Includes helpful resources for further study.

Policy Development

Policies and guidelines set the tone and boundaries for a camp program. Policies also protect a ministry from legal action. Draft sample policies you and your board can adopt and put to use.

Budgeting (& Fundraising & Accounting)

Do you know where the money goes or how much program supplies really cost? Take the time to outline projected income and expenses to ensure a cost-effective program. Plan for depreciation, replacements, upgrades, etc.


Camp was great, but did it accomplish what we intended? Evaluation tools help assess effectiveness and provide guidelines for future planning. Take the time to make next year even better with input from others and an after camp evaluation.

Risk Management & Safety

Being entrusted with the health and safety of campers and staff is a great responsibility. What steps can you take to maintain a healthy amount of risk at camp while ensuring camper safety? Use a risk assessment tool for a safer camp season.

Food Service (menu, presentation, standards & requirements)

Great food makes for a great camp. So what qualifies as great food? Examine menu planning, food allergies, safe food preparation, serving, and storage practices and more. Sign your catering team up for this session.

Waste Management

Food scraps, paper, plastic, metal, glass... what to do with all the garbage generated by a large group of campers? Simplify with a waste management plan that reduces garbage, encourages recycling, and models environmental stewardship.

Stress Management

Learn to manage the stress before it manages you! Explore practical steps to reduce or redirect stressors and discover renewed energy and vision for your camp ministry.