Jamaica Mennonite Church Retreat Centre

Jamaica Mennonite Church Retreat Centre

Address: 5 Whitehall Avenue, Kingston 8, Retreat District, St. Mary
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Fax: 931 9672
Phone: 931-9672 or 924 0505
Contact Person: Mrs. Valda Salmon
Affiliation: Jamaica Mennonite Church
Accommodation Type: Retreat Centre
Sleeping: 3 cottages
Capacity: 25-30
Summer Camp Program: No

A fourteen room facility is ideal for: retreats and weddings or just to get away from the hustle and bustle, to refresh, rejuvenate and restore the mind and the spirit.


The Mennonite Church also owns: The Maranatha School for Deaf

Capacity: 150 campers

Location: Top Hill, St. Elizabeth

Tel # 965 1738 (school); 854 8564 (m)

Maranatha Camp