Membership Categories

Membership Categories

CCI Jamaica membership is an annual fee based on the calendar year and is available in the following categories. Membership indicates agreement with CCI Jamaica's Statement of Faith (link to statement of faith). Members joining mid-year, please contact the office for pro-rated fees.

1. Church/Camping Ministry without facility
(based on the total number of campers registered per year)
a. Up to 250 campers - $2,500
b. 251-500 campers - $3,500
c. over 500 campers - $5,000

2. Church/Camping Ministry that owns a facility The relevant fee from #1 above based on the number of campers, plus:
a. One facility - $4,000
b. Each additional facility - $1,000

3. Camp/Conference Facility only - $5,000

4. Link Membership
(Companies & organizations with a direct interest in Christian camping)
a. Commercial Organizations - $5,000
b. Non-profit Organizations - $2,500

5. Partner Membership
(Individuals who wish to support the work of CCI Jamaica) - $1,000


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