Preparing Your Child for Camp

Preparing Your Child for Camp

Many children attend residential camps from as young as 7 years. For many of these kids, it's the first time away from home 'by themselves.' They have never had to pack their bags, spread their beds, or choose which clothes to wear each day.

Here are some ways to make their stay at camp a more enjoyable one:

  • Show them how to pack their bags. Give them a plastic bag (a 'scandal' bag will do) for their dirty clothes and separate one to put their wet clothes in.
  • Separate and label their clothes for them according to the number of camp days. You could even use clothespins to pin the top and bottom for the various days, so they don't have to try figuring out what they should wear with what.
  • Give them some idea of how to monitor their tuck money so they don't overspend.

Whatever the age of your child, they still need to know some basic things such as what kind of behaviour you expect from them whilst at camp. They also need to know how to cope with camp life. They won't have all the comforts of home – meals might be different, bathroom and bedroom space will be invaded and more energy will be expended each day.

Camp can be a life changing experience for your child. Why not do all you can to make it a memorable one from start to finish?

Things not to take to camp

  • Radio, boom box, walkman/disc man etc (enjoy nature)
  • Electronic games (play real ones)
  • Cell phones (friends are right there with you)
  •  Drugs (those illegal ones)
  • Weapons (including that knife)
  • Alcoholic beverages (that's definitely the wrong spirit)
  • Jewelry (no safety deposit boxes available)