About Us

About Us

Christian Camping International Jamaica ( CCI Jamaica) is an inter-denominational association that brings together Christ-centered camps, conference and retreat ministries.

As a registered non-profit association, we support members by providing training, resources, services and networking opportunities. We are committed to working together for the advancement of Christian camping and believe that more can be accomplished through sharing with one another.


To be a dynamic, cohesive, inter-denominational association of Christian Camping ministries and facilities which fosters the development of Christian camping in Jamaica.


CCI Jamaica links Christian camp ministries & personnel in order to:

  • Train and equip leaders
  • Increase attendance
  • Minister more effectively
  • Operate more efficiently

Our Activities

CCI Jamaica works to promote Christian camping and our member organizations. For example in May 2005 the association hosted a booth at the Children’s Expo promoting the values of a Christian camping experience, encouraging children and youth to attend camp, and informing camping leaders about the benefits and services available through the association. Guests enjoyed the interactive, participative nature of the booth.